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Cool Sites
Image makers/generators:
BannerFans.com - One of the best free banner makers around!
Skem9 - Lots of ready-made MySpace layouts and graphics. You can also create your own profile page, interact with other people's profiles, and asking them for some help with your MySpace stuff.
MindViz - You can create your own profile page, post some photos, videos and stuff, and interact with other people's (about 42,000+ of them). Plus some goodies you can plug to your sites too.
CreateBlog - Community-driven content site. You can find thousands of graphics, layouts, and tutorials here.
Layouts and graphics:
Sparkle Tags - Thousands of free glitter graphics!
Promotions and directories:
Safe Myspace Sites - Here you can browse thru the list of safe & unsafe Myspace sites.
Profile Jar - Wanna put your profile in a jar? Then try this!
MyFlashPlaylist.com - Create your own media playlist! You can also add YouTube videos, .flv videos, or images. No more limited to just MP3s.
Image utilities:
IMGText - Personalize your photos with custom captions & messages.
ImageShack - Definitely one of the best free image hosting providers around.
Font repositories:
daFont - A lot of fonts used on my site can be found here.
MyFonts - If you ever need to identify a font (from any images that you see), just go to their "WhatTheFont" section. People there will be able to help you pretty quickly.

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