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Audiobooks: the new reading

Audiobooks: the new reading

Audiobooks and audio formats are becoming more and more popular and are becoming increasingly common in the everyday lives of many people. Especially the possibility to listen to audio books while doing other activities is a big advantage for many. Whether driving, cooking, or playing sports, these activities usually don’t allow for too many possible combinations with other activities. With an audio book, they can be combined without any problems. Many people are firmly tied into the strict paths of their stressful and hectic everyday lives. It is often not possible to spend a few hours relaxing on the sofa with a good book. Reading can be relaxing and soothing, but it demands undivided attention and concentration. Nevertheless, there is a great demand for stories and entertainment, especially to switch off after a stressful day at work and find peace and relaxation. That’s why more and more people are opting for the audio version of the book. Whether audio books or podcasts, the offerings are diverse.

Exciting stories for young and old

Audio books and audio plays have been an important part of childhood for many. In the past, however, audio formats were mostly distributed in cassette form, making them impractical to handle. A large collection of cassettes could fill entire shelves. Today, the possibilities of digital use offer a much greater variety and flexibility. Many who used to listen to audio books on the cassette recorder still appreciate the numerous positive effects of audio books today as parents. Books in audio format can stimulate imagination and creativity or simply provide fun and entertainment. In addition, many parents also see a promotion of language development and an improvement in the ability to concentrate as important benefits for their children. Last but not least, this can also result in a little time out for the parents.

Wide variety of digital usage options

Digital usage options simplify the handling of audio content considerably. Digital formats not only save space on the bookshelf, they above all enable great variety and diversity. Easy operation via different mobile devices and constant access, even on the go, are important advantages. A quick, non-binding listen is also possible without further ado. In some cases, the playback speed can even be varied. Programs can be interrupted and continued at will. Even if only small windows of time are available in everyday life, a quick dive into a story can be worthwhile.

Today, it is also easy to obtain audiobooks. The platform audible offers more than 500,000 titles, over 65,000 of them in German. Whether children’s and young people’s books, novels, poetry, non-fiction or guidebooks – the offerings are broad and serve all genres. An individual collection can be created via the associated app. Of course, not all books on the market today are available in audio format. Nevertheless, audiobooks now also play an important role for most publishing companies. The number of available titles is steadily increasing. Publishers are responding to the growing demand and often offer additional audio versions for new releases right at the start.

Whether the willingness to read traditional books is actually declining remains to be seen in the future. What is clear, however, is that audio formats have taken on an important position in media use. Audiobooks offer the simple and convenient option of listening to exciting stories, entertainment or information when everyday life permits – on the move and flexibly.